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Friday, November 16, 2007


Thank you for using BOOM as your international stock trading partner.

We have received your fund withdrawal instruction. Since you have sold your stock on 16th Nov, the fund will be available for withdrawal on the settlement date 20th Nov. Therefore, your withdrawal instruction will become effective on the settlement date.

We thank you for your continuous support in BOOM. If you have any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at (852) 2255 8888.

打去問佢點解會咁,原來佢話要T+2,即係兩個工作天先可以拿到實錢。我問如果我d 錢用係Boom個account會點,佢話無問題,可以係Boom到買股票,但拿走Boom's account 的錢到其它銀行就要T+2。我真係今日先知。而家有個問題,d 錢未必可以返去南洋個邊咁快。唉....又失預算。

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