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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Find Partner (To my friends)

Find partner to work out a database to store all the financial information.

1/ Use a database to store all the futures, options, stock options etc.

2/ Use this database to help us to find some strategries for earning some pocket money if we able to do so. ( long run)

3/ To put this database online if possible. There is no this kind of database / service fully avaiable even you want to buy them. (more long run)

4/ To show them to our CV for this project. There are Free 2 main sites partially contians this kind of service and the hit counter over few thousand per day. It is a good method to show off.

5/ I think this project can learn a lot of things and once the database build up, you can use it many years !

- good at programming / finance / statistic
- have time and work as team
- got motivation


contact me anyone interested......


  1. Hi, I work as a programmer now and I am interested in finance/economic. I have about 2 years investment experience mainly focus on stock/equity. Now, I am learning options and start from May this year.

    I am interested in this project. Can you specific some relevant requirement(more specific e.g. what programming language, tools involved) to be as your partner.

  2. you may find me in msn

    yamworld AT hotmail DOT com

  3. Hi Yam:
    First of all, hope your database be successful and could be launch in net in soon.
    As per your pt(4). is there two main site contain such kind of service partially ? Would you mind tell me where could I found these site ?