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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

VSA 941.HK

1 ) big volume + big dark WRB imply selling pressure but hidden buying demand
2) there is a buying demand becuase it rises from the low
3) the demand is dimnishing for the next 2 bars becuase of diminishing volume therefore no demand bar--> the professional smart money doesn't want to buy in high price
4) a big dark WRB indicates the supply entred the maket with ultra high volume but hidden buying demand
5) becuase the 1st WRB has supply pressure, the momentum will induce the 2nd as a supply bar although there is demand in ultra high volume, the demand is little
6) the supply diminish a bit as well as the volume
7) a extremly ultra high volume bar open on the high and close at its low indicates a Up thrust? but also hidden demand
8) the volume is relatively high and close above the preivous bar, it means the selling pressure is diminished and demand entered
9) no demand bar and then suddenly below $66.6
10) the demand is entred as it reboune a bit

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