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Friday, May 11, 2007


* Must not overbought
* volume diminshing (significant)
* NR1 volume is at least 2~3 times more than the previous 50 average volume
* NR7 volume should be less the the previous 50 average volume
* If the NR7 is same as the pervious average volume, the force to shoot up will be diminished
* If drop from the top, the bottom will have VERY large volume (very important)
* The NR7 - NR4 have a biger higher volume 2 times higher than NR3-1
* in congestion zone / empty zone
* the trend should be upwards
* fast to response
* risky with good reward
* tight cut lose / risk mangement
* SMA 50, 20 , 10 close / stick with each other ? for downtrend (No must still in uptrend for the price action)
* BB 14 days, 2 dev, closing up ( lower band move upwards quickly than upper band slowly moving downwards)
* uptrend (SMA 50, 20, 10 should upwards) maybe 10 cross 20 (stick together)
* Gap with high volume and then prints NR7
* Becareful other bearish pattern eg. Hell triangle, double top

Still difficult to think about this setup

Filter out OTC and low volume stocks
Show stocks where market is not OTCB
Band close is between 1.00 and 100
and average volume(30) is greater than 200000
and volume is greater than 50000

/*NR7 Price and Volume contraction scan

and average day point range(1) reached a new 7 day low
and volume is more than 20% below volume 1 day agoand average volume(2) is below average volume(5)

/*Find recent huge volume movers from the NR7 results
and average volume(5) is more than 50% above average volume(30)
and volume reached a new 12 week high within the last 3 weeks

/*Change date offset to get results from the past
and date offset is 0

/*Lines below are just for chart formatting.Change according to your preferences!
and draw ema(5) and draw ema(30)
and draw average day point range(1) 7 day high

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