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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sky's Note

* Fill Gaup --> drop --> buy
* many gaps --> don't buy
* Two big gaps in a row can think as a big gap. 1st Gap is more important than the 2nd gap.

* Adm & Eve --> Double top, Double Bottom
* Eve 10 Days , Adm 9 Days..not enough time to form Double bottom

* complete 3111 at least 40% above cloud
* bottom long tail ( good)

* For small stock
* Small bet
* Big reward, Big risk
* needs to test ---> SMA ?
* /\ /
/ \___*/

* 2Ma > 19 Ma

* 如我沒記錯; 尾段中間只要有 x 个 uxc (相連更好) ; 該段的頂位是 +bar並破前 ep便可以; 最重要看 typhoon 的 2个底的排列,及每段當中的 SIM ADJ.
* 1. the buying point of the occurance of typhoon: right after the final UXC appear or need to break (or close break) final UXC EP?
2. The correction, does it matter if there are many UxC before correction since the starting point of typhoon formation?
* A typhoon has 4 waves wor. Generally, TP is the moment passing through the HEP.

A long rising trend can be combined by several typhoons. There are many buying points. For the simple correction, we don't pay attention of how many UXC before. UXC should be more than DXC. To add more fliters, we can use 2XD, 2x0MA.

No exact formula bor. Because ones should pay attention on the style of UXC & DXC. For example: If an UXC is very short and no gap open Vs an long DXC w/o a support with Down gap; we should wait one more UXC in a better shape or even wait the 3rd UXC. Sky Sir taught us we should be careful on our investment and always do Testing & testing to confirm a trend b4 buying.

*Typhoon should be applied in Mid cap or blue chips, the best moment is used when price near or just touch 2xx line


  1. Ching, 你都是 Sky 的學生 ??

  2. NO, just copy.......
    I am not his i also not sure the coding inside...

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