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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

short call 1800

今日開左short call 1800 Aug @ 10 收$0.45 * 2

大市同我預其一樣,暫睇18800, 18400 今個月target.

今日23/7 睇返權倉,19000p 有大手成交(228pts),而20000c 轉左21000 (6pts)我估向下機會大點。

23/7 11:05am -- now hfi doing 19700,i thought 19600c is short (599 pts) see will it break 20000
23/7 4:42pm -- now the market is up +569 do 19817 hsi. Not sure if 20000 will break but I am quite confidence the market will die soon ....

可能穿2000點..去到20600 約星期一....之後先回頭,一穿2000睇錯市


  1. Ching, not quite sure what you mean,as you predict #1800 will rise in future, if that is the case. Why you did the SC on it @10. Just a bit OTM ?

  2. cos I don't want to hold 1800. I bought the stock in 2006 @ 10.3
    i want to change horse......dont care if it rise or not...

  3. Oh. understood, you will to sell it,so you did the SC on it.........