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Thursday, June 11, 2009

today I bought 2 hands 2899 @ 7.41
just thought gold will break 1000 within 6 months.
quite a medium term investment

347.HK is good value by fundamental analysis
this company will maximize it productivity in the near future.
this is my bull trend pick. I only got 1 hand. I may sell it later. If the interest rate is increase, all the commodity will drop and this 2 company maybe underperform. I need to think think about this situation and plan my accumulation.


  1. Ching, as you predict the interest will increase in future. Then the commodity price will drops. So these two company (2899 and 347) will under preform. If that is the case, why buy 2899 now ?
    However, according to Sxx's lego, if 347's closing price higher than 14.3 in near future (within 1 or 2 weeks) , it will be a signal for buying..........just want to share with you. As I read your blog to learn the options!
    P.S I got 347 already.

  2. I also confused myself...haha...

    I think interest rate increase will have bad effect in 2899 and 347. BUT this is short term, as you know short market will keep rising even the intreset rate increase. I don't know when will the interest increase, so just buy them. I just worry will i have EQ to sit boat let say 6 months.

    Anyway, I still think they will be good.

  3. Ching, noted with thankyou. But i think the increasing cost electric charge will also have some effect on these heavy industry company.

  4. An increase in interest rate in the very early stages might imply a recovery of economic activities (and inflation), which might even has a positive effect of commodity prices. However, when the interest rate gets higher and higher, the opportunity cost of holding commodities will become significant, then it might start to have negative impact. But when it happens, the commodity prices should be far higher than what they are now. No worry la..