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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


1200.HK the last white candle closed more than the middle of the previous dark candle. Also, the candle has impressive vol. It is a good signal.

3968.HK the hammer-like shadow is not long enough but the vol is less than previous two dark candles. It shows a no supply signal. The candle is relative higher than average, maybe need to be tested again. Note: no supply signal appears on the long legged-doji candle with two hammer-like candles before, although supply entered slightly after that. Bad news may come out (watch out!)

1800.HK need a white big candle to confirm, the hammer-like candle has good vol.
941.HK need more signal to confirm although the candle has a vol more than the previous candle.
347.HK seem ok but the vol is not impressive, but the candle closed in the middle of the previous dark candle and its upper shadow engulf the previous dark canlde, it needs a candle to confirm its variant morning star.

272.HK the downward trend maybe stopped. The last candle has low vol and closed above the previous candle, need more signal to confirm.
2628.HK can hold on the resistance and the last candle closed in the middle of the previous dark candle.

Most of the stocks appear a small doji these days, indicate the downing speed is slowing down. Also, many crabs appear in the chart, the uptrend moment will not be strong and take time to recover. I think the first big resistance is at 28500 for HSI.

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